Apply for MassAITC Funding!

  • Post category:EventsNews Starting in May 2023, MassAITC and the a2 Collective will be accepting applications for our third annual a2 Pilot Awards, a national pilot project competition seeking to fund promising technology demonstration projects with a clear path to commercialization, translational milestones, or technology transfer at the intersection of AI and healthy aging and/or AD/ADRD. Private companies, research organizations, tech startups, and traditional NIH/NIA investigators are encouraged to apply.Preliminary applications open May 1st through July 31st, 2023 - Invited full applications due October 30th, 2023 LEARN MORE AND APPLY HERE

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Year 1 MassAITC pilot projects announced

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The first cohort of seven MassAITC pilot projects has been announced. Details for the selected MassAITC projects are available here: The list of selected pilot projects is also included below. The full MassAITC press release is available here. The next MassAITC pilot project competition is expected to open in May 2023. See the a2 Pilot Awards website for more details on the next pilot competition as well as the list of all Year 1 pilot projects funded by the a2 Collective centers. Testing a vocal biomarker platform for remote detection and monitoring of cognitive impairment in the home environment Erik Larsen (Sonde Health Inc.), Bradford Dickerson, Bonnie Wang (Massachusetts General Hospital) Developing real-world digital biomarkers from wearable sensors in Alzheimer’s disease, Jen Blankenship (VivoSense Inc.), Michael Busa (UMass Amherst) Vascular aging using infrasonic hemodynography…

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Early acute illness detection in delirium and dementia

Jane Saczynski, Northeastern University. Edward Marcantonio, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. Acute illness presents in the most vulnerable organ in the body, among patients with dementia that organ is the brain and acute illness often presents first as delirium, an acute confusional state. This project will evaluate home monitoring devices as early indicators of acute illness in persons with dementia.

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