The Massachusetts AI & Technology Center for Connected Care in Aging & Alzheimer’s Disease (MassAITC) is led by two principal investigators from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, and an associate director from UMass Amherst. Additional leadership includes an Industry Advisory Board and National Institute on Aging (NIA) project officer. 

Center Leadership

Niteesh Choudhry, MD, PhD
Niteesh Choudhry, MD, PhD
Center Director
Professor, Harvard Medical School, and Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital 
Deepak Ganesan, PhD
Deepak Ganesan, PhD
Center Director
Professor, College of Computing and Information Sciences and Director of Center of Personalized Health Monitoring, UMass Amherst
Benjamin Marlin, PhD
Benjamin Marlin, PhD 
Center Associate Director 
Associate Professor, College of Information and Computer Sciences, UMass Amherst 
David Paquette, PhD
Associate Director of Research
College of Information and Computer Sciences
UMass Amherst


Partha Bhattacharyya, PhD 
Program Director 
National Institute on Aging 

Advisory Board 

Desney S. Tan, PhD 
Vice President and Managing Director, Microsoft Health Futures 

Dina Katabi, PhD 
CEO of Emerald Inc. 
Professor, MIT 

William Shrank, MD 
Chief Medical Officer of Humana Inc. 

Jianying Hu, PhD 
IBM Global Leader, AI for Healthcare 

Benjamin Robbins, MD, MBA 
Venture Partner at Google Ventures 

Markus Hofmann, PhD 
Executive VP, Nokia Bell-Labs 


Stanley Healthcare  

Embr Labs 

Sonde Health 

Innovative Wellness Solutions 

Long River Ventures 

General Catalyst 


Vivosense Inc.