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  • Presentation 1: Hearing the Heart: Impact of MindMics’ In-ear Infrasonic Hemodynography on Cardiac Health
    • Speaker: Anna Barnacka, PhD | CEO & Founder of MindMics
    • Abstract: In this talk, we will highlight the MindMics Heart Health System, an advanced solution addressing heart health monitoring and aging-related challenges. We will delve into the patented in-ear IH technology that enables heart health monitoring through TWS earbuds and discuss our future plans to make this technology accessible to all. Discover why MindMics, with its clinically validated technology and industry collaborations, is uniquely positioned to lead in next-generation health monitoring and Business to Business growth.
  • Presentation 2: Smartphone Blood Pressure Monitoring is Only a Buzz Away
    • Speaker: Edward Jay Wang, PhD | CEO & Founder of Billion Labs, Inc. & Assistant Professor Engineering & Design, UCSD
    • Abstract: In this talk, we will discuss solutions that our team has developed to measure blood pressure using a smartphone. Through this talk, we’ll discuss the development of an ultra-low cost blood pressure attachment that augments the smartphone to measure blood pressure in a calibrationless manner and how through design and testing, we uncovered older adult usability and product translatability challenges our solution presented. We will further explore the result of our concept refinement and evolution of the idea towards a smartphone only solution that reduces the usability issue and massively improves productization. Our latest approach, The VibroBP Smartphone app, is the first to use AHA-recommended oscillometry methods to ascertain BP and does not require per-individual calibration.

About the Speakers

  • Dr. Anna Barnaka: She is the CEO and founder of MindMics,the actionable health monitoring company. MindMics has invented a breakthrough in precision monitoring to capture unique human audiome health data through in-ear headphones. Anna finished her NASA EinsteinFellowship at Harvard in 2018 and has a track of leading diverse and pioneering teams that solve intractable problems by working at the leading edge of signal processing, data analysis, numerical modeling, software development, and infrastructures and instrumentations.Anna has a dozen patents to her name related to in-ear infrasonic hymodynography. In addition to her breakthrough innovations, she has co-authored more than 90 peer-reviewed scientific publications on astroparticle physics, black holes, and, in particular, the phenomena of gravitational lensing. She pioneered techniques for turning gravitational lenses into high-resolution telescopes. In her free time, she enjoys martial arts, in particular traditional karate in which she is a blackbelt, and her role as Chief Scientific Officer of theMultiverse Concert Series, where she acts as ScienceDirector of Black Hole Symphony.
  • Dr. Edward Jay Wang: He is an Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering & The Design Lab at UC San Diego, where he directs the Digital Health Technologies Lab. His research work explores practical solutions to address real-world medical needs drawn from collaborations with clinicians and world health organizations but solved using new and creative insights that leverage state-of-the-art applied machine learning, embedded systems, and mobile sensors. His research is supported by funding from the NIH, NSF, and Google. He is also the Founder/CEO of Billion Labs Inc., a UCSD technology spinout aiming to translate a comprehensive suite of smartphone-based digital biomarkers towards regulatory clearance in order to provide a more equitable future for telemedicine where health monitoring is available to the masses.