MassAITC is a member of the National Institute on Aging’s (NIA) Artificial Intelligence and Technology Collaboratories for Aging Research program. The group of centers affiliated with this program are referred to as the a2 Collective. One of the core functions of MassAITC is to select pilot research projects for funding through this program. Prospective pilot investigators will submit proposals to the a2 Collective for evaluation by MassAITC. Private companies, research organizations, tech startups, and traditional NIH/NIA investigators are encouraged to apply for pilot funding for project’s related to MassAITC’s focus areas. Anticipated results for the first pilot funding competition are listed below. The Spring 2022 MassAITC call for pilots proposals is now available.

Pilot Project Focus AreasSpring 2022 Application Cycle

For the Spring 2022 application cycle, MassAITC will solicit pilot projects in three broad areas:

  1. Development and validation of AI-enhanced devices with lower burden, reduced algorithmic bias, improved accuracy, improved access and/or enhanced usability for patients and caregivers.
  2. Development and validation of AI-enhanced data analytic solutions to distill multi-modal sensor and cognitive performance data into interpretable and actionable information to enhance self-care, support caregivers, and/or improve clinical and caregiving decision making.
  3. Development and validation of data-driven visualization technologies and systems that distill large volumes of data for patients, caregivers and/or clinicians.

Dates – Spring 2022 Application Cycle

Applications Open:Jan. 10. 2022
Q&A Webinar:Jan. 18. 2022
Applications Close:Feb.18. 2022
Awards Granted:May 31. 2022