Ryan Gooch, TellUs You Care. Rebecca Spencer, UMass Amherst.

MassAITC Cohort: Year 2 (AD/ADRD)

This study will test Tellus’s machine learning algorithms for tracking physiological and behavioral status using data from Tellus’ radar device. The study will compare this approach to other widely available remote patient monitoring technologies. The study also aims to validate that the Tellus approach can detect several sleep patterns associated with AD/ADRD, which will be useful in shaping care interventions and ultimately for detection of AD/ADRD onset and progression.

The study will be conducted by the Sleep Lab in the Institute for Applied Life Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. The proposed study will enroll 48 older adults living at home for 4 weeks each. There will be 2 cohorts, including 24 older adults diagnosed with AD/ADRD and 24 healthy older adults. Tellus device data will be collected alongside data from Fitbit Sense watches and Withings bed mats. Participants will undergo two nights of in-home Embletta MPR PSG, while using Tellus, Fitbit, and Withings devices. The study will last for 34 weeks. Data will be analyzed to assess the accuracy of each approach.