Jennifer Stamps and Kyle Rand, Rendever, Inc.

MassAITC Cohort: Year 2 (AD/ADRD)

This pilot study will evaluate the utility of RendeverFit™, a VR fitness platform, in terms of its acceptance by and relevance to older adults. We will recruit 30 physical therapy patients aged 65 and older with mild cognitive impairment to moderate dementia along with their cohabiting caregivers. The care recipient/caregiver dyads will use RendeverFit™ together for 24 weeks and will be assessed at baseline, mid-, and post-project with surveys and functional tests of cognition and physical function to be used as convergent evidence for the development and validation of ML algorithms to interpret the data generated in the VR platform. Convergent evidence from the “gold standard” testing of cognitive and physical function will be used to begin testing the validity of the data processing algorithms developed to convert the sample-level sensor measurements into novel outcome measurements of cognitive and physical function.

The long-term goal of this work is to advance RendeverFit’s VR fitness platform analytics to remotely monitor and assess changes in cognitive and physical function and alert the individual, their caregivers, and their healthcare practitioners to those changes.