Anna Barnacka, MindMics Inc.

MassAITC Cohort: Year 1 (Healthy Aging)

The purpose of the study is data collection for building and validating the algorithms for analytics of vascular aging using Infrasonic Hemodynography with wearable earphones (the MindMics device). MindMics is developing technology to enhance an individual’s quality of life by continuously monitoring the heart rate, stress, blood pressure thereby allowing patients to make better decisions regarding their health as they are experiencing symptoms and becoming aware of them. The MindMics device can perform all the conventional tasks earbuds do (listen to music, etc.), but, in addition, will measure your heart rate, stress, blood pressure. The earbuds capture the sounds made by the various cardiac structures pulsing and moving blood. The sound is caused by the acceleration and deceleration of blood and turbulence developed during rapid blood flow.